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Complete business support and help in transforming data into accessible knowledge and visions.

The 21st century is the century of silicon. Use of modern tech is escalating every day. At the end of each day, we have another load of data to be stored and saved. This increment is not the problem. The real problem is the quality of these data which challenge the information management. This problem prevents one's Business to utilize useful information effectively.

With Sage Cybernauts's Data Warehousing service you can address this problem and effectively allow your business to develop.

Sage Cybernauts Data Warehousing service helps to transform billions of global data into fact-based, timely and easily-available knowledge. Our service boosts your business strategies and gives you a greater insight. The use of cutting-edge technology and our ingenious, experienced and diligent professionals give us the ability to do this task flawlessly.

Sage Cybernauts Data Warehousing service Includes:

  • Data Quality and Data Governance
  • MDM - Master Data Management
  • BI Assessment
  • CPM - Corporate Performance Management
  • Financial Analysis and Planning
  • Data Quality Build
  • DW Testing
  • Data Modeling
  • Business Intelligence Reporting
  • EDW Build and Support
  • Monitoring every Business Activity
  • Strategic audit
  • SOA-enabled BI framework
  • Taxonomy implementation consulting
Benefits you get:
  • Link IT service to experts of Business process; You are always linked to experts
  • Data focused on an end-to-end basis
  • You can see a continuous growth in your business
  • Seamless Global Delivery

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